Latest Release

v0.2.0 – 3rd May 2019


Architecture revisit, replaced medco-i2b2-cell by medco-connector, upgrades (IRCT v1.4 to PICSURE v2.0, Onet suite v3, Keycloak, Nginx, PHP), consolidation of deployment, many smaller fixes and enhancements.

Git Tag: v0.2.0



Sources and Binaries

MedCo Software Repositories

Code for the MedCo Connector that processes the queries at the clinical sites.

Code for an executable containing all the necessary cryptographic protocols for MedCo. These are based on the UnLynx crypto library .

Javascript wrapper for the UnLynx library (only part of it). This is used by the Web-UI tool to encrypt and decrypt data.

 GO and python scripts to generate ‘dummy’ data and convert/load the data (either genomic or medical) to MedCo/I2B2 database. 

“A frontend application for clinical data selection and analysis based on TranSMART.”

Docker-based deployment of the full MedCo stack.

Documentation source code.

Other resources

Contains all docker images that are needed for easy deployment.

 Hosts the Javascript Unlynx crypto library (as a javascript package).