Latest Release

v0.2.1 – 15th August 2019


Implementation of additional query types (patient list, locally obfuscated count, global count, shuffled count), implementation of OIDC-based authorization model, implementation of CLI client, timers improvements, upgrade of dependencies, various smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Git Tag: v0.2.1



Sources and Binaries

MedCo Software Repositories

  • MedCo Connector: Code for the MedCo Connector that processes the queries at the clinical sites.
  • Unlynx Wrapper: Code for an executable containing all the necessary cryptographic protocols for MedCo. These are based on the UnLynx crypto library.
  • Data Loader: GO and python scripts to generate ‘dummy’ data and convert/load the data (either genomic or medical) to MedCo/I2B2 database.
  • Deployment: Docker-based deployment of the full MedCo stack.

Other resources