MedCo extends and keeps compatibility with i2b2, the most widespread cohort explorer used in more than 200 clinical sites worldwide. Thanks to Docker technology, MedCo can be easily deployed by clinical sites willing to quickly set up a secure and privacy-preserving clinical network. Thanks to a modern and intuitive open-source graphical user interface, MedCo is easy to use also by non-technical users.

Latest Release

v1.0.0 – 31st March 2020

First stable release of MedCo, improving stability and performances, pen-tested by an external company.


Sources and Binaries

MedCo Software Repositories

  • MedCo Connector: Code for the MedCo Connector that processes the queries at the clinical sites.
  • Unlynx Wrapper: Code for an executable containing all the necessary cryptographic protocols for MedCo. These are based on the UnLynx crypto library.
  • Data Loader: GO and python scripts to generate ‘dummy’ data and convert/load the data (either genomic or medical) to MedCo/I2B2 database.
  • Glowing Bear MedCo (forked from The Hyve): “A frontend application for clinical data selection and analysis based on TranSMART.”
  • Deployment: Docker-based deployment of the full MedCo stack.
  • Documentation: Documentation source code.

Other resources

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