MedCo is the first operational system that makes sensitive medical-data available for research in a simple, privacy-conscious and secure way. It enables hundreds of clinical sites to collectively protect their data and to securely share them with investigators, without single points of failure. 


MedCo applies advanced privacy-enhancing techniques, such as:

  • Collective homomorphic encryption;
  • Secure distributed protocols;
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies;
  • Differential privacy.



MedCo enables authorized investigators to explore a cohort of interest distributed across several clinical sites by filtering patients with inclusion/exclusion of clinical and genetic criteria.

Secure storage outsourcing

MedCo enables clinical sites to securely outsource the storage and processing of their sensitive medical and genetic data to untrusted cloud providers.

Trust Decentralization

MedCo features no single point of failure in the system as, thanks to collective encryption, trust is distributed across all clinical sites.

End-to-end Data Protection

Thanks to homomorphic encryption, MedCo ensures that the confidentiality of clinical sites’ sensitive data is ALWAYS protected at rest, in transit and during computation. 


MedCo ensures unlinkability between query end-results and the clinical sites having generated them.

Differential Privacy

MedCo significantly reduces the risk of re-identification from query end-results by achieving differential privacy.


See or download the video on SWITCHtube.

Public data from cBioPortal:

  • 8,000 patients with an average of 9 clinical attributes and 142 mutations each;
  • Total of 24,000 patients and  173,000 observations distributed among 3 clinical sites.

Glowing Bear (GUI)

To get acquainted with Glowing Bear (GUI) you can check its demo video.


MedCo is supported by i2b2, the most widespread cohort explorer used in more than 200 clinical sites worldwide. Thanks to Docker technology, MedCo can be easily deployed by clinical sites willing to quickly set up a secure and privacy-preserving clinical network. Thanks to Glowing Bear, a modern and intuitive open-source graphical user interface, MedCo is easy to use also by non-expert users.